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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a new roof?
There are a few signs that will show if your roof needs replacement or repairs, even before you have a leaky roof. Look for curling or cracked shingles, granular loss or patches where you can see the black asphalt below. Sometimes, fixing a leaky roof is only a matter of replacing a few shingles. Though more often, missing shingles are an indicator the roof may have outlasted its longevity because the shingles are no longer secured by theĀ fastener. If this is the case, it is necessary to replace the entire roof.

How long will it take to replace my roof?
The time it takes to replace a roof differs depending on the size of the house, number of crew members, installation method and material chosen. Based on an average size house having asphalt shingles replaced, it usually takes a three-man crew two to three days from tear off to finishing. The time from materials delivery until the garbage bins are picked up can extend this time to about a week and also depending on the weather.

Are there any extra costs I should know about?
The estimate we provide is as accurate as possible and also based on the material and application. Sometimes alterations are needed during the construction stage to ensure a quality roof system is applied. Rotted sheathing found during tear off is an example of something that is not always apparent during an initial estimate. With all amendments, the homeowner will be made aware as soon as possible.

What are Goosenecks, Vents, Whirly Birds, and Plumbing Boots?
Goosenecks are vents that exhaust heat from bathroom fans or kitchen hoods. Vents are used to exhaust moisture and air from the attic. Whirly Birds, also called turbines, are vents powered by wind to draw moisture and heat out of the attic. Plumbing Boots are used to create a water tight seal around the plumbing pipes that exhaust sewer gasses from the house through the roof.

Should all the accessories on my roof be replaced?
This depends on how long the accessories have been on the roof and if they show any signs of damage. We believe roofing accessories should be replaced every time the roof is done because the accessories have about the same life span as the roofing material.

What is drip edge and flashing? Do I need one?

Drip edge is a metal flashing that runs along the length of your eaves and is designed to assist with water shedding and is intended to push water away from the structure of your home and directly into the eaves system.
Not only will it give the roof a beautiful finished look it will also save your sheathing along the eaves, your fascia boards from water penetration along the eaves when water slips in between the eaves and the fascia, if the water is not being pushed into the right channels of the water shedding system you may need a roof repair or in the most drastic of downpours you may find water seeping into your basement.